Subscription billing

Prices displayed on the product pages are the total amount you will be charged per year.

We do not and will never charge any installation fee, monthly fee, hidden fee, extra fee etc.

Our plugins are sold as automatically recurring subscriptions. When your subscription is active, your license is renewed each year after your initial purchase. You don’t have to do anything, it will be taken care of automatically.

Cancel at anytime

You can cancel your subscription at anytime from within your user dashboard (you must be signed in). You can also contact us and ask us to cancel it for you. We’ve made it very simple for you to cancel your subscription, whenever you decide to.

Why keep a license active?

An active license allows you to always stay up to date whenever there are new releases for your plugin(s) and gives you access to priority support (faster answers, extended support). When your license expires, you will not be able to get the most up to date versions and you will not be eligible for priority/extended support anymore.

We recommend that you keep your subscription active to prevent any future issue related to new WordPress releases or themes/plugin conflicts. We frequently update our products to make sure they are error-free and future-proof. As stated above, an active license gives you access to these updates as well as priority and extended support (hands on support if needed, we provide you with code snippets and fix bigger issues).

Is my plugin still going to work if I cancel my subscription?

Yes, everything will still work if you cancel your subscription and you will still be able to enjoy updates and priority support until your license expires (a year after the initial purchase).

What happens when my license expires?

Your plugin will still work, all the PRO features will still be functional. You simply will not receive updates and benefit from priority support anymore.

Why recurring billing?

We have decided to go for subscription based billing instead of our previous billing model for a simple reason: we constantly work on our products, making sure they’re up to date/compatible with the latest versions of PHP/WordPress/major plugins and we keep adding features (based on user requests most of the time). 

All this has a cost and it is fair that licenses must be renewed/active for a customer to benefit from this continuous work.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons only apply to the first payment, following years will be billed at the regular rate.